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SWAT, ERT, SRT whatever tactical teams call themselves today does not matter. What matters is the cohesiveness of the team. Remember the glory days of playing high school or college sports, and being on winning team? I don’t mean just a winning a game team, I mean a team that won beyond the regular season. Those teams were well bonded.

Those winning teams were glued at the hip close, and they did everything together. They sat at the lunch table together, they listened to the same music, they hung out together, and most importantly, THEY TRAINED TOGETHER! Without training, some may call it practice, but it’s all the same and without it there is no team.

When your training days come around, which for most tactical teams is only once a month, everyone has to put out their maximum effort. Most training days are only eight (8) hours in length, and we should utilize every last moment of that eight (8) hours, but we don’t. We play catch up with our buddies who are on opposite rotation, or talk about the goings on at work.

We can get so wrapped up in what is going on with one another in our lives that doesn’t make it to Facebook that we sometimes forget we are there to train. Yes we still train, but we don’t train like those winning teams most of us were probably on back in the day. We need to learn from our past or the past of someone who was on that winning team and bring it to the training field of now. Those winning teams we played on yesterday did not mean life or death, today they do.

Today we are on an entirely different team. We are on a team that places us in harm’s way. Our team is brought in because no one else is capable of handling the situation. Our team is the best of the best, the elite of the elite. So why don’t we train like it?

I will leave you with two distinct quotes:

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat,” Navy Seals

“Shut up and train,” Unknown

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