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The Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) class is one of the top

prehospitaltrauma care courses that we have to offer.  It is the 

First Responders that have to be able to recognize and appropriately

manage preventable causes of death and rapid transport to an

appropriate facility. Traditional methods are patient and scene

focused and in many cases rely on the availability of several

responding agencies in order to transition casualties from time of injury

to definitive care in the hospital.


The Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Class (TECC) enables the provider

to act in situations of directand indirect threat utilizing proven methods

of trauma management, triage and evacuation that represent a paradigm

shift from traditional first responder care.

TECC recognizes that civilian first responders are increasingly

required to operate in high threat environments. Traditional care

guidelines are limited and often without acknowledgement of

surrounding operational constraints.

The primary goals of the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course are:

  • To teach skills and best practices to the initial first responders in any mass casualty incident.

  • To increase situational awareness.

  • To teach the principles of Trauma care while under a direct threat.

  • To teach the principles of Trauma care while under a more secure indirect threat.

  • To teach the principles of Trauma care during the evacuation phase.

  • To reinforce self aid / buddy aid.

  • To discuss and reinforce casualty collection points.

  • To demonstrate current techniques in wound management.


The principles introduced in the TECC course are a compilation of trauma guidelines integrating operational and medical requirements into a consolidated set of best practices specific to high threat prehospital care.


Skills covered in the TECC Course are:


  • Massive hemorrhage control using tourniquets

  • Wound packing

  • Situational Awareness

  • Various dressings and bandages

  • Hemostatic agents

  • Airway management in a tactical environment 

  • Guidelines for head injury treatment

  • Support of circulation

  • Casualty movement and packaging

  • Tactical drags and carries

  • Extremity Trauma

  • START Triage


TECC Course Requirements:


The TECC course is physically demanding and requires active participation. Students are expected to lift heavy objects, move quickly, function in confined spaces, and safely assume standing, kneeling, and prone positions for periods of time in adverse conditions and to recover without assistance.


Required Equipment:

  • Pants and long sleeve shirt that will get damaged.

  • Clothing and footwear appropriate to the season.


Recommended Equipment:

  • Knee and elbow pads.

  • Eye protection.

  • Hydration system.

  • Gloves.

  • Mouth Piece.

  • Hearing Protection (ear plugs).


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