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Welcome to Indiana's Oldest Tactical Medic Program.  This intense 

5 1/2 Day Course will test you and your medical knowledge at 

every turn.  We pack 70 + hours into this Tactical Medic program.

This course will follow the guidelines of the widely accepted Tactical

Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) core concepts.


TCCC has become the standard of care for the tactical management

of combat casualties within the Department of Defense and is the

sole standard of care dually endorsed by both the American College

of Surgeons and the National Association of Emergency Medical

Technicians (NAEMT) for casualty management in tactical

environments. The focus of the instruction is to give the operator

the ability to recognize, evaluate and control life threatening wounds, airway compromise and chest

trauma, that present during a tactical mission by using an IFAK and

aid bag. Operators will utilize various medical kits during the scenario rich Tactical Medic course.


The Tactical Medic course will cover the following information:


  • Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) introduction

  • Point of wounding care

  • TCCC

    • Care under fire

    • Tactical field care

    • CASEVAC (casualty evacuation)

  • Evaluating a casualty

  • SWAT Tactics

  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Basics

  • Active Shooter Scenarios

  • Equipment selection

  • Advanced airway techniques

    • Surgical airways

    • Intubation

    • Low to no light airway management

  • Chest trauma management

    • Needle decompression

  • Controlling massive hemorrhage

    • Tourniquets and other tools

  • Shock assessment and management

    • Saline lock and IV therapy

    • Fluid selection

  • Multiple casualty situations

  • Movement of causalty using common and improvised methods

  • Prolonged care of the injured patient

  • New medical items/tools on the market

  • Tactical equipment

  • Tactical movement (Stacks, Groucho Walk)

  • Room/building clearing procedures

  • Simunitions / Airsoft Simulations

  • Flashbang deployment

  • Hostage Rescue Basics

  • Firearms safety training

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