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Bill J. Hufford is the founder of Med-Tact and the EMS Program Manager for the New Castle Career Center. Bill started his EMS career in 1981. He became an EMT in 81, Advanced EMT in 83 and a Paramedic in 1985 and served in the U.S. Navy as a Combat Corpsman in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. In the past 40 years Bill has served as Director of EMS for numerous Paramedic services, has attended the Cypress Creek Tactical Medic Course at the FBI Academy in Texas, He has been a state and national speaker at EMS conventions. Bill served on the Indiana TEMs Committee which designed the current TEMS program recognized by the state of Indiana. Bill is also a past Indiana EMS Commission member.

Bill was the Medical Team leader for the Connersville SWAT Team from 2004-2020. He is currently a Reserve Police Officer on the Rushville Police Department. Bill is Affiliate Faculty for TCCC and TECC sponsored by the NAEMT. Bill Has been teaching since 1988 and has built the reputation of High quality classes presented at the Tri-County Training Academy and the New Castle Career Center. The Med-Tact “School of Tactical Medicine” was founded in 2005 and has grown dramatically over that time and is now the largest and oldest Tactical Medic program in the State of Indiana.




Dax Gunder is a 17+ year veteran of the Connersville Police Department, located in East Central Indiana.  Dax currently serves as a Sergeant in the Patrol Division and is the Operation Pullover Coordinator.  In 2004, he became part of the police department’s Special Response Team and serves as an entry team member and sniper.


Dax has a long list of instructor credentials and is a vital member of our Tactical Medic Instructor Cadre.  In 2002, he became an instuctor thru the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and an NTOA Active Shooter Instructor.  Dax has continued to develop and grow as an instructor by completing the Protective Training Services Defensive Tactics Instructor Course in 2003, the Center for Disaster Preparedness Law Enforcement Protective Measures Instructor Course as well as the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Senior Instructor in 2007, instructed tactics at the Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine since 2012 and Strategies and Tactics for Patrol Officers Instructor in 2013.  He received his Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification in 2014 


Throughout his career as a police officer Dax has completed various law enforcement related courses that also include Triple Canopy’s Advanced Hostage Rescue Course and Delaware County Sheriff’s Office SWAT School.  He maintains a dynamic approach to training by staying current with trends related to SWAT and patrol tactics and intersperses them into his training of officers, but remains a firm believer that fundamentals are key in any training. 

He received his Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certification in 2014 “Putting forth your maximum effort during training greatly benefits you during the course of your everyday duties.  Train your body to reach its fullest potential, but push your mind to even greater depths.  Your mind is what ultimately wins the war.”


Along with keeping busy at work, Dax has continued his personal education as well and has an A.S. in Business Administration and Management and a B.S. in Criminal Justice and is currently working towards his M.B.A.  Navy SEAL maxim, “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.”




Bryant Garibay is an accomplished instructor with over 20 years experience in public safety, hazmat, and Emergency Medical Services.  He is currently working on his second Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health.  In1992, he joined the Navy and graduated in the top of his boot camp company and earned his first of many certifications in Firefighting.  Bryant was one of the last sailors to attend Marine Combat Training at Camp Geiger in 1995.  He graduated from that class with honors (1 Sailor out of 207 Marines).  While attached to the US Marine Corps, Bryant attended the Desert Warfare Training Center 4 times, completed Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training, cold weather training at 2nd Marine Regiment, qualified expert with the Beretta 9MM, 1911 .45, and the M-16 A2 rifle.


In 1998, he began working with the Emergency Management Agency in Vanderburgh County, IN.  He has worked in various positions with this agency always willing to assist during times of duress and disasters.  He has worked on many US Army Corps projects during the recovery phase of Emergency Management.  He currently possesses the pinnacle certification of Emergency Management the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM). 



He is an Eagle Scout, Kentucky Colonel, Tactical Medic Instructor (2016), TCCC Instructor, CPR/First Aid Instructor, Wilderness EMT Instructor, Emergency Medical Technician, and has completed the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Emergency Medical Responder, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support Courses, OSHA 501 General Outreach Instructor, OSHA 500 General Outreach Instructor, HAZWOPER Instructor, Hazmat Instructor, Fire Instructor, Hydrogen Sulfide Master Trainer, PEC SafeLand/SafeGulf has completed over 90 + train the trainer classes. 


He is currently a Firefighter/EMT/Public Safety Diver.  He volunteers regularly with the local American Red Cross, a local Boy Scout Troop, Community Emergency Response Team (currently an instructor and previously the Program Manager), District 10 Task Force and the local EMA. 

Bryant has spent years honing his skills as an accomplished marksman and instructor.  He is currently certified as a USCCA Training Counselor, ALICE Active Shooter Instructor, Run-Hide-Fight Instructor, Glock Armorer, NRA Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun Instructor, Pistol & Small Bore & Precision Air Rifle Coach, Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, IN Chief Range Safety Officer, ICE Defensive Firearms Coach, Rangemaster Defensive Handgun and Defensive Shotgun Instructor.  He continually takes classes to better his knowledge in many areas that he works and volunteers.   He is currently employed as the Chief of Safety for a Federal Entity.  He brings his occupation into every class that he attends.  “Safety is paramount in everything we do.  I feel working in safety, we have to exemplify a safe working environment.  As a Chief of Safety, I have to be the example, not the exemption.”



Heather is a mom of 4, mamaw to 1. Heather has been married to John for 15 years. She has been Med-Tact's cook since 2013.  Heather has known Bill Hufford for about 10 years and has been around the Medical field that entire time. Whether it was watching, participating as a "stand in" or taking photo's she has been vital to the team.  Heather is a school crossing guard and has been since 2013 for the City of Connersville, IN.  


Heather is  the owner of Heather Foy Photography and opened the business "Professionally" in 2010 to present.  Her hobbies are: Photography, sewing, painting, cooking, & designing.  She likes playing Airsoft when she gets the chance and has done so in the past on a team (being the only female).



John began his service and instructing after he enlisted in the United States Army in 1986.  After competing Basic Training as 11B at Fort Benning, Ga. He continued on to complete Airborne, Air Assault RASP 1, and RASP 2 before taking an Honorable Discharged in 1996. John had the honor of training, deploying, serving and fighting alongside of some of the finest premier light infantry fighting men in the United States Army. In 1996 after his discharge from the Regiment ,


John continued to live by the core values that he had become to live by, train by and become very involved in Public Safety, Emergency Management, EMS, Tactical EMS, Tactical K9 EMS and has continued to train and hone his skills in all areas till the present. He is an Eagle Scout, CERT Instructor, BLS/First Aid Level 5 Instructor, Advanced First Aid Instructor, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Instructor, Wilderness First Responder Instructor,

Pet First Aid Instructor, and NREMT TCCC Instructor to include TCCC-MP, TCCC-AC, TCCC-LEFR, TECC, and TCCC-B-Con. And has completed over 20+, train the train, classes with IDHS.   John is currently employed with St Clair EMS as the Union County EMS Supervisor, Liberty Indiana. Along with a 5+ year veteran of the Connersville Police Department, Special Response Team and serves as a Tactical Medic. “Train as you would Fight, Fight as you would Train”


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